All dance classes at Evolution Dance Academy have a specified uniform.  Our uniform requirements have been based upon the requirements set by the dance exam board.  It is very important that all students wear the correct uniform, especially footwear because otherwise it could affect the development within the class.  We also have a range of Evolution Dance Academy items such as t-shirts, hoodies, onesies, vest tops and bags, all of which will be useful for both class and performances.

We have an individual breakdown for ballet, tap, jazz, street dance, contemporary and musical theatre for your info.  If you wish for a pricing list for your dance classes you can download this here

Evolution Dance Academy will carry out uniform orders at the end of every month, however, for your ease of reference, we now have an online shop which you can order uniform directly from.  You can still order uniform either by handing a form in during class or by contacting us directly.  The majority of our uniform is ordered directly from a supplier and so may not be available in the shops.  Prior to any examinations we would recommend that you check the uniform with your class teacher.  Ordering directly through Evolution Dance Academy will mean you have the correct uniform at cheap prices.

For those of our students who have the opportunity to progress to pointe shoes in their ballet classes, we strongly recommend that you go to a dance shop to get these professionally fitted.  You could take a day out and visit one of the London shops, or Dancing Boutique in Tunbridge Wells have the correctly trained staff to fit new pointe shoes or replacement shoes. 

Pictures of our fantastic new Evolution Dance Academy dancewear will be available to view shortly.

uniform requirements

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